Grief & Bereavement Support
Grief and Grieving is the process of coping with a loss and facing the challenges of a loss by:
  • Adapting & adjusting to the void and pain caused by that loss
  • Understanding and enduring the stages of Grief and Loss
  • Accepting the support of others in your loss.

To register for our support group or for additional information, Please call 305-274-3072 or email us at info@kendallcog.org

For all those experiencing grief or loss, or are in need of spiritual support, the Bereavement and Spiritual Support Group Meeting and Social happens on the FIRST Sunday of each month at 4:30 p. m. in the Yellow House. Join us for a special time of fellowship, compassion and care. 


If you need more information about our Grief and Bereavement Ministry, please contact us at 305-274-3072 or contact us online.

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