Making A Difference

The Missions and Outreach Ministry serves The Kendall Community Church of God Family and the local and international community in many ways. Our mission is to carry out the commands of our Lord Jesus Christ with regard to the sick and disabled, those in need, and those who are struggling to spread the Good News of the Gospel to the far reaches of the world.

  • We provide assistance to the members in our community and surrounding areas that are desperately in need of help.

  • Our Ministry is dedicated to supporting the homeless and feeding the hungry in many communities.

  • During the holiday season the Mission and outreach Ministry host several activities in order to fund our annual Thanksgiving baskets and Christmas toy drive. The baskets are given to families who are in need of help and support while the toys are provided for children whose parents are incarcerated.

MISSIONS MINISTRY TEAM DRIVE: We are still collecting toiletries, (toothpaste, lotion, deodorant, soap etc.) for Community Partners for the Homeless. Please bring items and place them in a bin provided at the breezeway. We will be delivering these items on in the middle of October.  

If you have questions about our Missions and Outreach programs, please contact us at 305-274-3072 or contact us online.