What is the Christian Women Connection

In 2008, Women of the church of God conducted the Relevant Survey and asked women about their needs and how they can meet them. We found that women need connections with God, with other women and with places of service both within and outside of church.

The Christian Women Connection was born from the conversations following that survey. The mission of the Christian Women Connection is to serve Christ through serving women and equipping them for ministry.

To accomplish our mission, Christian Women Connection provides women’s ministry resources to the Church of God and beyond for connecting women through relationships, spiritual formation, and service.

In the Christian Women Connection there is “a place for every woman, where every woman takes her place.”

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The Christian
Women Connection
is an umbrella

Women of the Church of God Groups and other women’s ministry groups come together under the banner of the Christian Women Connection. Groups and ministries have the freedom to form around the needs of the women in each local setting.

This is not a cookie-cutter ministry, but an organic ministry that can adapt and transform.  


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