Our Vision
In 1995, 120 Church of God leaders from across North America gathered for a Visioning Retreat. After much prayer and dialogue, they embraced six vision statements to guide the movement in the twenty-first century. The following statements, now a part of the mission and vision statement of Church of God Ministries, declare what the Church of God reformation movement in North America exists to accomplish.

The Church of God exists to...  

Worship the Lord

  • Focus on New Testament meanings of corporate and private worship.
  • Provide opportunities for persons to worship in various styles.
Reach the Lost
  • Practice global evangelism with the goal of winning the world to Jesus Christ.
  • Communicate the gospel throughout the world.
Disciple Believers
  • Preach, teach, and practice biblical holiness.
  • Provide continuing discipleship opportunities for believers of all ages.
  • Prepare young people for a life of faith and service through Church of God colleges.

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Equip for Ministry Focus on six aspects of leadership development:
  • Biblical and theological foundations.
  • Ethical and relational awareness.
  • Leadership and organizational principles.
  • Enabling and equipping others for ministry.
  • Providing opportunities for practical experience.
  • Support seminary education as an effective means to prepare for ministry.
Celebrate Unity
  • Preach, teach, and practice the oneness of the body of Christ.
  • Celebrate the unity and diversity of the body of Christ.
Live Out the Love of Christ
  • Nurture, heal, and strengthen families.
  • Provide for and enable those who need shelter, food, and medicine.