CD Subscription

You can order audio recordings of Pastor Andries sermons and Special Events in various ways through Kendall Community Church of God CD Subscription Service. Sermons are available in audio format only because they are not recorded on video.

1. CD Subscription Service

Through our subscription service, you can receive CD-sets of Pastor Andries Sunday sermons each month. By the 5th of each month, you will receive your audio CDs of Pastor Andries sermons from the previous month, as well as any other CDs from our abridged CD catalog. The subscription cost is $20 per month, which includes all shipping and handling costs. Unfortunately, we cannot mail subscriptions outside the United States.

Steps to Ordering a CD Subscription

2. Individual Sermons and Series on CD

Phone Orders

To purchase sermons by phone, call the church office at 305-274-3072. For $5 each, you can purchase audio CDs of sermons delivered at Kendall Community Church of God. Upon request, we can provide a catalog that lists available CDs, sermon titles, dates, and speaker names. Alternatively, many CDs are available at the Sound Booth on Sunday mornings.

3. Download Sermons in MP3 Format

Kendall Sermons are available online for you to listen or download. Click Here to Download or listen to MP3 Sermons

Need Additional Assistance?

If this page does not answer your questions about ordering sermon recordings, please call the church office at 305-274-3072 or contact us online.


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